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TeamChess, a 45 45 League

Team 45 45 League provides internet chess players who like slow time controls with the opportunity to compete in teams of four to six players.  Competition takes place on the popular Internet Chess Servers ICC and FICS. For more information on ICC and FICS see links page.

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In Memoriam

We will miss you, ChessJunior

Team 45 45 League’s Tournament 29 is hereby dedicated to the memory of ChessJunior, (member of The PawnShop, ICC Conference), who passed away suddenly on January 1.

Those who knew CJ remember him as a youngster wise beyond his years, and the epitome of what we like to think our league is about: family values, enthusiasm, good sportsmanship, and just a pleasant person to have in our midst.  One couldn’t help but smile when CJ spoke in the league channel, or in game whispers.  May we honor his memory by striving to follow the example he set.

Condolences and remembrances may be posted in the ICC Game Forum  labeled “A Tribute to ChessJunior.”

Team 45 45 League Tournament Format

Four to six players band together as a team, and compete in divisions of 4 – 7 teams.  

Each round runs from Tuesday (22:00 ICC, 19:00 FICS server times) until the following Tuesday, same time.  Prior to the start of each round, each captain decides which four players will compete for the team that week. Players are then paired with players from an opposing team.  The two players discuss the day and time to play their game, via a password-secured message board (“Game Forum”).

At the arranged time, the game is played with a time control of 45 minutes + 45 second increments, rated, with assigned colors.

After the round, the team with the most wins (Game Points) wins the round, and earns a Match Point. After six rounds of regulation play, the team with the most Match Points in each division advances to the playoffs (1-3 more rounds) to determine the sectional champions.  Sectional champions on ICC are eligible for prizes donated by ICC, of one-month membership extensions.

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Upcoming Tournament Dates

Tournament 29: Entries accepted Nov-22 to Dec-6, play starts Dec-13
Tournament 30: Entries accepted Feb-28 to Mar-14, starts Mar-21, 2006
Tournament 31: Entries accepted May-30 to Jun-13, starts Jun-20, 2006

Latest T45 45 News and Miscellaneous

Game Of The Week, T29

Several outstanding games were nominated for GOTW. The Round 1 winner goes to softpawn--Invicta-knight's miniature. Black spent 13 minutes finding 10..b6!  Honorable Mention to DTK-baumhauer for White's proffered and accepted poisoned-pawn followed by a speculative N sac that opens lines leading to black's K being mated in the middle of the board.

FICS' Game of The Week comes from the Arbor U2000 Section, Redwood Division. All Good People(I)'s purplepawns (white) vs. The Entertainers' maeck (black) began with a Sicilian (B40b) opening. maeck played with a minor piece advantage for over half the game, using the advantage to drive purplepawns' king into the corner and completing a rare knight-bishop mate.

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